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Board Members – Sport Wales

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Sport Wales, the national Welsh Government Sponsored Body responsible for developing and promoting sport and active lifestyles is recruiting new Board members.

Sport Wales is a Welsh Government Sponsored Public Body and is funded largely by grant-in-aid from the Welsh Government.  It is also responsible for distributing funds from the National Lottery to sport in Wales. Sport Wales was established by Royal Charter in 1972.  The four objectives set down when the Sports Council for Wales (now trading as Sport Wales) are to:

• Increase participation in sport and active recreation;

• Raise standards of performance and excellence;

• Improve the provision of sporting facilities;

• Provide technical information and advice about sport, recreation and active  lifestyles.

The Board of Sport Wales provides leadership and governance to Sport Wales and performs the important role of scrutinising all of Sport Wales’s investments and activities. It also shapes its future goals.

Board Members have individual and collective responsibility to the Welsh Government through the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport.

Board members are expected to have:

  • An understanding of public life and the principles of good governance
  • Excellent communication skills and a track record of working with others to achieve objectives.
  • Ability to think logically and objectively and analyse complex information in order to identify key issues and make effective decisions.
  • A demonstrable commitment to increasing levels of physical activity across Wales;
  • An understanding of the diverse communities of Wales and a commitment to promoting diversity.
  • Senior experience of at least one of the following:
    • The application of digital technology and innovation.
    • Tackling inequalities through engaging the disengaged.
    • Extensive experience working in the Education Sector
    • Audit and Legal Experience

For more information and application details, please use this link.

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