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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How do I get started?

To get started with our system, you firstly have to complete the pre-registration form on our website. If you are then accepted onto our programme, you will receive a welcome pack. The pack includes our standard service agreement as well as an authority form for you to tell us who is permitted to have administration access to the system on your behalf. Within 5 working days of submitting the required information, you should receive a username and password for the system.  Once these details are received you will be up and running and ready to start the checking process.

How do I get help if I am having difficulties with the system?

There is a Freephone helpline service available to all users of the system (in English and Welsh) from 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). This helpline is operated by CBS and their advisors should be able to guide you through any challenges you may face.

Further, the system has been designed by CBS so that you should not be allowed to proceed to the next screen if a question has not been completed or if key information, such as a driving licence number, has been incorrectly entered. Hence, CBS has tried to reduce the opportunities for errors to arise when users complete the application process.

What if I want to add administrators/clubs or change details?

Please email and we can arrange to do this for you. There is no additional charge for this part of the service.

Can I run a report to analyse the user data e.g. how many checks have been processed on women aged 24-44?

Yes, again email us your request at and we can do this for you. There is currently no additional charge for this part of the service.

Will the service be available in Welsh?

Yes. The Freephone helpline service is available in Welsh and it is anticipated that the online checking service will be available in Welsh from January 2017.

Will training for the new system be offered?

Guidance notes, giving screen by screen direction on the use of the service are provided as part of your welcome pack. The Freephone helpline service is also available for support.

From time to time we will run classroom based training programmes, based on demand. There will be a charge for this service. If you require training of this nature, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements – 02920 334974.

How much will the service cost?

A comprehensive list of services and associated fees can be found on our website Administration fees for an Enhanced Check start from £4.50.

Please note that a grant has been secured from Sport Wales to cover the administration fee for all national governing bodies of sport checks until 31 March 2017 only, after this date the standard fees will apply to these organisations. This grant does not cover the cost of the update service (which is described in more detail below). If you wish to register your organisation to use the update service, the standard charges detailed in our standard service agreement, will apply, with immediate effect.

Can my organisation become a member of the WSA in order to benefit from the discounted rate?

Any organisation with an interest in sport or physical recreation/health of any kind is eligible to apply for membership. Please click here to find out more

What is the payment process?

Each user/organisation that wishes to use the service will be required to sign up to our standard service agreement, which will include credit terms. Any formally constituted group requiring a checking service, regardless of how large or small the organisation is, will be permitted to apply to use the service. The WSA will reserve the right, on a discretionary basis, to request a deposit from users.

Can organisations who are not members of the WSA use the service?

Yes, the service will be open to organisations that are not members of the WSA. The administration fee for not-for-profit organisations, from across the Third Sector, will be £5.50 and our commercial rate is £10.00.

What is the update service and how does it work?

The DBS update service has been created to allow a DBS check to be portable, therefore, an individual does not have to have a separate check done for every position they undertake. Furthermore, it will allow the organisations working with the individual to check for updates to their DBS records more frequently.

However, please note that to register for the DBS update service, an individual has just 19 days from the date of issue of a certificate to register for that service. Given the limited window of opportunity and the complete reliance on the individual to handle this process, we do not believe the system is working as well as it could.

CBS has worked on a solution to try to address this challenge. Once registered for the service, your organisation will have the facility to request the permission of the applicant to (i) be put onto the update service at the point of the initial application and (ii) be subject to further checks every year until you request that the applicant is removed. DBS provides this update service free of charge to volunteers (as per the DBS check) and it charges £13.00 for providing the update service in respect to paid employees. Our annual administration charge for our online version of this service (charged in addition to the DBS fee) is £3.00 for WSA members and £3.50 for non-members. A comprehensive guide to our fees and charges can be found on our website Further information on the update service can be found on the DBS website

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office

T: 029 20334974