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WSA Insurance

At the WSA, we are committed to collaboration which provides the best value for money for our members. Finding solutions to drive down costs and increase the quality of provision is high on our agenda across a whole range of shared services.

Insurance is one the first of these services designed to help our members get the best deal that they can, without compromising on quality and cover.

Official WSA Insurance Broker

Integro is an international insurance brokerage and risk management company. Our strength is our specialist knowledge and experience. Just like the athletes we work with, we are competitive; we believe we deliver excellent service and innovative insurance solutions. We work with:

  • Professional Athletes
  • Teams
  • Sports Managing Agents
  • Governing Bodies
  • Associations
  • Promoters
  • Sponsors
  • Sports Stadia Owners and Operators

From the world of professional cycling to golf, tennis, motorsport and rugby, our clients include some of the biggest names in global sport. We offer discreet, service-driven insurance cover for every eventuality. Integro’s local insurance professionals can conduct a review and highlight areas where insurance cover is required and provide valuable guidance to protecting organisations and individuals.

We would recommend engaging with one of Integro’s regional representatives to learn more about the many Insurance Covers you may like to consider.


The types of cover offered by Integro includes:

 Cover  Description
Material Damage Cover for loss or damage to your business’s material property.
Business Interruption Insure for loss of income as a result of being unable to trade due to unforeseen property damage.
Goods in Transit Cover for property whilst in transit.
Specified Items ‘All Risks’ Cover for loss or damage to items specified by you.
Computer Cover for loss or damage to all types of computer/IT equipment.
Fidelity Cover for loss to your business assets arising from employee fraud or dishonesty
Employers Liability Cover in respect of your legal liability to pay compensation including legal costs to employees suffering an injury or disease arising from their employment.
Public/Products Liability This covers claims lodged against an organisation by any party relating to injury, disablement and death as a result of negligence.
Professional Indemnity Cover to pay compensation including legal costs following errors, omissions or incorrect professional advice or services arising out of your declared business activities.
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Cover for defence costs and awards arising from claims brought directly against directors, officers, supervisors or managers in the business due to alleged wrongful acts committed by them.
Corporate Liability Cover for defence costs and awards arising from claims brought against your company for specific wrongful acts.
Charity Trustee Liability Cover for defence costs and awards arising from claims brought by beneficiaries and the regulatory authorities or other parties directly against the governors, directors, officers or trustees of the Charity for negligent acts
Commercial Motor (Comprehensive) Cover for accidental damage to your vehicle(s).
Group Personal Accident Cover to provide financial protection against specific employees in respect of death or specific degrees of disablement caused solely and directly as a result of accidental bodily injury.
Business Travel Cover for the cost of specific incidents or accidents that affect specific employees whilst they travel on behalf of your business.
Private Medical Insurance Cover for specific medical expenses incurred for specified individuals during acute illness or injury.
Abandonment Cover for losses as a result of the cancellation, abandonment, postponement or curtailment in whole or in part of an event due to causes beyond your control.

For further information, please contact:

Simon Jesson, Business Development (Regional lead for Wales)
0161 419 3000/ 07825 144311

Official WSA Insurance Underwriter

Sportscover is one of the world’s leading specialist sports and leisure insurers. Using a worldwide broker network,  Sportscover specialises in providing tailored accident, liability, property, travel and contingency insurance solutions for sport and leisure. Their insurance policies are backed by the first class security of the world’s best known insurance brand – Lloyd’s.

Unlike most other insurers, they only insure sport and leisure and so are experts at what they do. But they are not just a specialist insurer, they also provide risk management advice, marketing support services and other related services to sport, including:

For further information, please contact:

Martin Crannis, Chief Executive
0207 398 4080

Unique Coaches Insurance

The Welsh Sports Association has teamed up with insurance experts Integro and Sportscover to develop a unique insurance product designed specifically for coaches in Wales (available here).

We’ve worked with our members to gain a real understanding of what is needed by coaches from their insurance, and so our recommended Insurance Brokers Integro and leading Sports Underwriters Sportscover have developed an easy online system where coaches in Wales can get an instant quote for their comprehensive cover.

Both Integro and Sportscover specialise in sport and have many years’ experience in providing the right insurance solutions. With this knowledge, they provide insurance policies such as Combined Sports Liability and Personal Accident Insurance which are specifically developed to cover sport, whilst also recognising how important it is to provide excellent service to clients.