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Advocacy & Policy

A core part of the mission of WSA is to provide an independent collective voice for our members. With continued pressures on public spending it has never been so crucial  to ensure that the value of sport to the whole of Welsh society is recognised by politicians and key decision makers.

We are determined to fight the corner for continuing investment in sport not only for its own sake but for its broader positive benefits for Welsh society as a whole. In addition, we need to maintain a constant vigil to ensure that legislation or developing policies do not have negative effects on our sector. We aim to ensure that we are alert and that we make any necessary case in a manner which is effective and evidence-based.

We employ a wide range of methods to achieve this including:

  • Campaigning on key issues (see below)
  • Constantly seekng evidence to support our positions
  • Maintaining a constant watch on proposed legislation and emerging policy
  • Responding coherently to all governmental or other consultations which arise from time to time
  • Regular meetings with Ministers and officials
  • Meetings with Local Authorities and other stakeholders who may have an impact on our sector
  • Working with other Third Sector organisations through the Wales Council for Voluntary Action – including the Third Sector Partnership Council, which is the key vehicle for managing the relationship of the Welsh Government with the Third Sector.