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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is for “A Vibrant Active, Nation“, and our Mission is to empower our members to be stronger and more successful, contributing towards a society fit for the future.

We will achieve this by:

  • Leading Advocacy– An independent, collective voice
  • Building Capability – Professional support, training and development
  • Developing Resilience – Financial and organisational sustainability

Join the WSA and join a team of like-minded organisations. We capture the power of this team to reduce costs through collaboration and shared services, addressing common challenges through business solutions.

Technology, big data and the economy are all transforming the way we live. We cannot do what we have always done and expect it to continue to work – which is why the WSA is always seeking innovative approaches for its members.

We are not here to develop or deliver sport – that is the job of our members. We are here to strengthen and support the business of sport: encouraging enterprise and innovation among our membership.

And that’s how we grow potential – promoting prosperous and viable businesses within the sport and active recreation sector in Wales.