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Getting to know you

In the coming weeks, we will be in touch to talk through your governance progress, plans and aspirations to really understand of how we can best help. In addition to this conversation, we will use information collated by Sport Wales to help us accelerate what support will be of most value to your organisation. Please click here to see the Sport Wales email in respect of sharing information.

A comprehensive list of the beneficiaries eligible to access these services can be found via this link

We have significantly extended the breadth of services available, and by acting as a gateway and leveraging other sources of assistance available to the not-for-profit/social business sector, will maximise the opportunities for all involved.

This section of our website will evolve in the coming months, based on both the revised document and your feedback. In the meantime, to ensure a seamless transition of this programme, the services that are now available to beneficiaries are listed below:


Telephone / Video conference Support

Rather than just a general helpline (although this is also available), you can get in touch to explain your governance challenge and we’ll book an appointment for an advisor, with a track record in that particular field, to call you back. In advance of the call you will also have the opportunity to provide background information, so that the Advisor is fully briefed on your concerns / challenges, to ensure you always get maximum value. Please click here to view our team of specialist advisors.


Online resources and templates library

Please follow this link to view policies and guidance aligned to the GLFW principles (please note this will be updated following publication of revised document)


Training and Development
  • Online Learning Forum – opportunity to contribute to online debates, with peers and specialists. Sharing challenges and best practice via a Yammer site for which you will need to register
  • Face to face training programme – to be launched in line with the publication of the new Framework document
  • Leadership development – Signposting to leadership development programmes
  • Chairs’ Forum – Biannual themed events for Board Chairs to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for those that play a pivotal role in boardroom leadership.
  • Support for Sport Compliance Group – in the coming weeks, we will offer the opportunity for finance and governance leads to join this group, which will meet 3 times during the course of the next year, to discuss specific governance challenges. Topics discussed will be directed by participants and are likely to include GDPR, Making Tax Digital and Risk Management.
  • Knowledge Bank – Beneficiaries of the programme will be able to request for specific skills and support from our developing bank of volunteers.


Hands on Support
  • For smaller beneficiary organisations, who have limited or no executive staff and rely mainly on the goodwill of volunteers to run their sport, we recognise that we will need to provide more practical support.  This service will provide the opportunity for such beneficiaries to bid for the following assistance:
  • Please note:  In order to be considered for the following support your board must be fully committed to embracing and embedding any governance improvements made through this programme:
    • Policy Writing Service: Were not all experts at writing a safeguarding policy or a privacy policy, a volunteer policy or a data management code, but, like many other policies and processes, we all need to have them; understand them; and, most importantly, commit to ensuring they are embedded into the culture of our organisation. We will not only give you the advice and guidance you need, but we can also give you a hand to write them too.
    • Administrative support: For those organisations that have no executive support at all, getting the foundations of good governance in place can be a challenge. Not necessarily because the people in your Board room (or kitchen table) don’t have the skills but they simply don’t have the time. As a pilot programme, we are therefore offering up to four beneficiary organisations which can demonstrate full commitment to enhancing the foundations of good governance, the opportunity of five hours a week of administrative support (for a maximum of six months) to help you on your way. To bid for this support please get in touch with our office.


Strategic Support
  • For the larger organisations involved with this programme, with executive teams in place, the support required is likely to be more strategic than practical. We are committed to continuing to provide access to specialist governance consultants, available to challenge a Board’s thinking and help develop long-term strategic direction.
  • Please click here to view our bank of consultants and get in touch if you are interested in booking. We will be able to provide you with a quote and apply a financial subsidy from the programme wherever possible.


  • Including briefings on the legislative, political and sporting landscape, case studies and profiles.