Sporting Events and Regulated Gatherings in Wales

Welsh Government have given the green light for large outdoor events to resume as part of a phased transition to Alert level 1 – meaning that a maximum of 4,000 people can now gather in a standing venue and 10,000 can meet at a seated venue, subject to risk assessments and approval by local authorities. This also comes as a result of a successful pilot programme that proved that larger events can run safely.

The most recent amendments to the regulations are available here. FAQ’s on the current restrictions can also be found here, taking reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirusas here, as well as Guidance for event organisers of regulated gatherings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic here– which includes information on what constitutes a ‘regulated gathering’ and what ‘reasonable measures’ should be taken to minimise the risk of exposure and the spread of coronavirus. The WSA is in regular dialogue with Welsh Government officials, and specifically within the Events Department. Please note that the information on events and regulated gatherings below are subject to change and or additions. The WSA will update its members on these amendments as they arise. Furthermore, disussions are also taking place with regards to indoor sports events, the WSA will inform members of these developments too.

As an event organiser, organisations have prime responsibility for the health and safety of workers, members of the public (participants and crowd) and any contractors working at the event. Planning and managing any large sporting event throws up numerous issues that need to be considered, including; 

  • Having an operational plan which will include a site plan and risk assessment
  • Emergency plan, health and safety, legislation and litigation
  • Road closures and signage
  • Fire safety, stewarding, medical provision
  • Toilet facilities
  • Disabled access
  • Emergency vehicle access and car parking
  • Sound / PA Systems
  • Food and drink
  • Waste disposal
  • Public liability insurance
  • Premises licence or a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Holding an event during Covid will add another layer of complexity to the process of planning and running an event – with social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and Test Trace Protect coming into play.

Events Safety Advisory Groups

It is recommended that any event organiser approach their local Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) or relevant Local Authority (LA) sports contact for support and guidance. ESAGs are usually co-ordinated by LA’s and made up of representatives from the LA, emergency services, other relevant bodies. ESAGs provide a forum for discussing and advising on public safety at an event – they aim to help organisers with the planning and management of an event and to encourage cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies.

It is worth noting that ESAGs are non-statutory bodies and so do not have legal powers or responsibilities and are not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place. Similarly, the ESAG process does not discharge the legal duties of the LA – decisions such as the granting of public licenses and road closures are ultimately down to the LA. 

Below you will see a contact list of Local Authority Sport Contacts dated 2020; this list of contacts is to provide initial support for WSA members and their specific event organisers. The spreadsheet is currently with colleagues at Events Wales Industry Advisory Group (EWIAG), to update any changes to contact infromation for Event / SAG leads across Welsh Local Authorities. Please advise the WSA if you know of any contact changes and we’ll update the document accordingly.

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The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) also have some basic guidance for event organisers to help identify key issues and a checklist of considerations for each stage of the event process – including the planning stage, managing the event, after the event, and planning for incidents and emergencies.

Pilot Events for Indoor Sport

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WSA Sports Events Training

As a next step the WSA will be working with the CIMSPA accredited training provider Right Directions to deliver specific Health & Safety advice and training relating to running sports events in Wales, this training will be in-line with the existing Welsh Government regulations and guidance. Please contact the WSA team for futher details on these sessions.

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