Welsh Government Confirm Initial Steps out of Lockdown

On Friday 12th March 2021, the Welsh Government announced it’s review of Coronavirus regulations. Full details are available via the links below.

In terms of sporting activity, the key points are as follows:

  • Outdoor sporting facilities can now reopen. These include golf courses, tennis courts, MUGS, basketball courts and other facilities.
  • Four people from two households can meet outdoors for exercise or other activities. 
  • “Stay at home” has been changed to stay local, allowing people to drive to begin exercise at a local location.  
  • Organised outdoor activities for children will begin from the 27th March if the situation continues to improve.

FAQs and the regulations have been updated, and we understand that there will be further updates to sport and leisure guidance in the coming week. We will update you as soon as we can.

Key releases from the update:

Last week, alongside Sport Wales and Team Wales the WSA called for a number of changes to the regulations to allow for sport to resume, you can view the letter here.

Announcements today do not cover all of these points, and we will continue to work with partners to bring back sport as quickly as possible.

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