Sport and Leisure Procurement Service and Procurement Portal

The Sport and Leisure Procurement service is brought to members via an agreement between the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), Community Leisure UK (CLUK) and procurement specialists 2buy2. 

2buy2 is a Cardiff based procurement specialist providing strategic procurement advice and education that delivers savings and supplier protection.

2Buy2 has agreed to work with the members of the WSA and CLUK to provide a comprehensive managed procurement service which delivers the best value outcome for the sector.

2buy2 will deliver several specific procurement services for eligible organisations as follows:

  • Access to an Online Procurement Portal for the Sport & Leisure Sector (now live!)
  • Access to a Contracts Register Tool
  • A Procurement “Health Check”
  • Additional Strategic Procurement Service support.
  • Net Zero Carbon products and service support

Access to an Online self service Procurement Portal for the sport & leisure sector

All eligible organisations can now access the online procurement service powered by 2buy2.

The portal provides self-service access to a range of approved supplier lists, framework agreements, quotes & pricing from pre-accredited suppliers, and to access these via a RFQ (request for quote) process, will be Free. There will also be access to a series of best practice procurement guides, templates, and procedures free of charge.

There are opportunities available through 2buy2’s existing product categories, include Electricity, Gas, Water, Chemicals, Telecoms, Cleaning products, IT Support, HR support, Solar solutions, Broadband etc. Additional, demand led, services and products will continue to be added to the portal as and when required.

In order to access 2buy2’s energy frameworks, organisations are required to complete a manual 2buy2 DCF (Data Collection Form) and LOA (Letter of Authority).

For new products and services, where there is collaboration and the opportunity to aggregate data and spend, 2buy2 will source products and services free of charge, so please make sure you are expressing your ‘Additional Needs’ via the portal.

If your organisation has a bespoke requirement, or one that is above PCR2015 thresholds for public spending, 2buy2 will be required to procure using a compliant tender process and this may incur a fee.

Access to a Contracts Register Tool

The online portal includes a self-service digital Contracts Register. Free access is provided to all organisations eligible to access. This tool will inform organisations of when contracts are ending, so they can judge when and how much time is needed to re-procure services. The system will be able to set automatic reminders for users.

A Procurement ‘Health Check’

All eligible users are eligible to access a free procurement “health check”, provided by 2Buy2. The consultation per organisation will consist of a 30-minute phone call to discuss key areas of support required and any implementation plans. The ‘health check’ can be accessed via the portal, as well as the existing WSA Helpline service on the WSA website and through CLUK member support.

Additional Strategic Cost Transformation Procurement Services:

Any procurement services requested, outside of this agreement, such as:

  • A requirement above PCR2015 thresholds for public spending
  • A bespoke request where spend cannot be aggregated with another organisation
  • A detailed Spend Analysis
  • Compliance and Governance Support
  • Contracts Register Support
  • Net Zero Consultancy Services

may incur a fee and will require a separate agreement between 2buy2 and the organisation. There is an agreed discounted daily rate available to all eligible users.

Net Zero Carbon products and service support

Net Zero Carbon solutions and products help an organisation move towards a carbon neutral position. These include green energy and power options, lighting solutions, air sourced heating, and Electric Vehicle Charging Points* (*this can be a revenue generating services for organisations).

2buy2 already has a range of solutions which have been replicated for eligible users of the sport and leisure procurement service, and are also detailed on the portal. These solutions include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Solar PV
  • Net Zero Heating Solutions
  • Electrical vehicle charging points
  • Net Zero Consultancy Services

For further details on the procurement service, please contact:

Geraint Williams, Head of Sales
Tel: 03333 201 015
Mob: 07385 379220

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