WSA Strategy 2022-2025

Driven by our strategy from 2018-2021, the WSA saw a growth of our web presence as well as in membership, an increase in training and support services, a reduced dependence on grant funding, the release of a flagship governance programme, and of course supported the sector through a global pandemic.

Coming out of one of the most gruellingly challenging periods for any organisation in living memory, the WSA has seen no reason to drastically change its strategy for the next three years, rather to adapt it slightly to recognise the change in our circumstances.

At the heart of our strategy will of course be our vision of a ‘Vibrant, Active Nation’ and our mission of empowering our members to be strong, resilient and successful, setting up a society that’s fit for the future.

We go into the next three years with three strategic aims; to Collaborate, to Develop, and to Promote.

We’ll look to maintain the growth of the WSA network and develop new strategic partnerships around the country to continue being a trusted leader for sport and leisure and unite the sector as one voice.

We will commit to the expansion of the WSA membership offer – from releasing a fifth Membership Plus package by 2025 to setting up a joint approach to procurement this year with new partners 2buy2 – to develop and facilitate the resilience of our members.

And we will ensure the WSA are a forward-looking organisation to influence agenda and ultimately strengthen the platform upon which all sport and physical activity bodies in Wales stand, guaranteeing that our collective voice be heard in public debate.

The position of the WSA emerging from the pandemic is strong, looking to the future we must ensure that our strength and expertise continues to be recognised and valued, and we make a real difference to delivering on the Vision for Sport in Wales.

Our new strategy’s success will look like the WSA continuing to grow sustainably so we can invest in our own resource, allowing us to continue delivering new and valued services to our membership base and supporting them in becoming more resilient and efficient to make Wales physically active.

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