Sector Webinars & Recordings

You can find recordings of WSA member meetings, Annual General Meetings, as well as all of our COVID-19 support webinars that we put on throughout the pandemic on this page!

WSA Member Meetings

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From Omicron to Podium – 17/11/2022

WSA Annual General Meetings

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Cost of Living Crisis Sport & Leisure Sector Meetings

As happened throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the WSA will support sport and leisure amid this ongoing crisis. We will be at the forefront in advocating for the required measures to ensure that the sector remains sustainable and, most importantly, able to provide the essential services it does to communities throughout Wales.

Find all the meetings we have hosted so far, below.

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    COVID-19 Sport & Leisure Sector Webinars

    The WSA supported its membership base throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a whole host of resources to cater for the phased return to sport.

    You can find all of those supportive resources – including all of our recorded webinars with Welsh Government that took place every three weeks in order to keep the sector abreast of latest updates throughout the pandemic – on our website below! Log in here to click through!

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