Joymo WSA Livestreaming Partner

Joymo WSA Livestreaming Partner

Stream your games and sell tickets to your events

With the Joymo app you can use your phone or tablet to stream your events, sell tickets to those events, and make money for your team, club, or federation. Engage fans; record anywhere. It’s that easy. Set your own prices for single season digital tickets; put earnings back into your organisation or club.

Find out how much you could make here. A preferential deal has been negotiated for all WSA members and a template WSA Membership Agreement is in place.

Want to take grassroots sports to the next level? Joymo Connect enables you to stream your sporting events on the Joymo platform using any camera, encoder, or software that supports the RTMP streaming protocol. Create content with high end production, monetise your content, and stream on a safe and secure platform where you are in control of your data and advertising placements.

Find out more about Connect here, and more about all of Joymo’s services here.

In the Joymo Arena, coaches and players have access to previous games and practices as well as being able to review, analyse and share their content.

Show off; build on; invest in your team; level up your players; and create new athlete opportunities.

Never miss a moment; watch games live or on-demand. Viewers connect with Joymo through the love of real sport as passionate fans, supportive parents, and engaged team mates. Support your friends and family even if you can’t be there in the crowd. Cheer on. Come on!

Privacy and content ownership is king; ‘do the right thing’ is a key value for Joymo. They are aligned with GDPR and make sure the clubs decide who has access to cameras and stored streams. Always fair; always safe. It’s about putting you in control. Find out more about GDPR here.

Joymo is the platform for everyday superstars and passionate fans to come together through the power of real sport, built on real values: teamwork, triumph, mud, sweat and tears. Joymo’s audience shares the belief that sport brings out the best in us. Joymo are here for every athlete, every team, every sport; here for every level; to level the playing field; to turn sport on its head; to flip the pyramid. Joymo is your biggest fan. This is your platform to shine. Start Streaming.

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