About the WSA

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is the membership body for the sport and leisure industry in Wales, charged with the task of providing leadership, advocacy and a gateway to business & governance services for the sector.

We understand the ‘sport & leisure industry’ to mean anyone involved in the business of sport and leisure in Wales. As the collective voice for this sector in proactively advocating and influencing key decision makers, we also enable our members to become stronger, more successful and sustainable through providing a wide range of business support services.

Our members are at the core of our work, and as a representative organisation, we work collaboratively with them to ensure that our support services are designed with their specific needs in mind, so that we can set the sector up for both sustainability and success. Using evidence and insight to highlight the unique contribution that sport and leisure makes to the physical, mental and economic well-being of society, we can showcase how sport and leisure can provide a solution to a wide number of public policy issues.

The Vision of the WSA

Our Vision is for “A Vibrant Active, Nation“, and our Mission is to empower our members to be stronger and more successful, contributing towards a society fit for the future.

The Mission of the WSA

We will achieve this by:

  • Leading Advocacy– An independent, collective voice
  • Developing Resilience – Financial, organisational sustainability and Professional support, training and development.

Join the WSA and join a team of like-minded organisations. We capture the power of this team to reduce costs through collaboration and shared services, addressing common challenges through business solutions.

We are not here to develop or deliver sport, that is the job of our members.

We are here to strengthen and support our members – encouraging enterprise, innovation and growing potential so that we can promote prosperous and viable businesses within the sport and leisure industry in Wales.

Meet The Team and The Board

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WSA Organisational Documentation

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Membership Directory

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WSA Strategy 2022-2025

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