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Our members act as our eyes and ears on the ground. We need your input to ensure that sport and recreation in Wales is protected for future generations. If you have any queries or concerns about an issue in your local area that will impact on sporting provision, please contact us.

If you are thinking of starting a campaign yourself, the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) have advice and guidance on their website, available here. If you have any questions about a campaign, please get in touch.

Our Campaigns:

Resilience not Reliance

For almost half a century, public investment has led to a vibrant Welsh sport sector, with considerable success. As with many sectors, this well-intentioned investment has however led to a dependency culture which needs to be overcome. Compounded with the looming shadow of austerity and the challenge by Welsh Government to address the reliance on public funding, the WSA has worked with the Sector to develop a Resilience Programme designed to improve organisational and financial sustainability.

Resilience Infographics booklet

For further details of how we can help your organisation to become more resilient please contact us.

Fit for the Future

The WSA has produced “Fit for The Future“, a report which champions the impact of the National Governing Bodies of Sport in Wales. This report forms the basis of our advocacy work and includes four key areas where support is needed:

  • Making innovative use of facilities
  • Boosting Sustained Participation & Involvement in Sport Through Technology
  • Further Modernising Sport Through Drawing on Commercial Expertise
  • Developing Leaders in Sport

Disclosures and Barring Service (DBS)

One of our most recent successful campaigns has been securing a sustainable DBS service for our members and beyond. In May 2016 it was announced that the  free DBS checking service managed by the WCVA’s Criminal Records Unit was due to come to an abrupt end, without any consultation with our sector. This would have a direct impact on more than 5,000 volunteer checks for sport being displaced. The WSA challenged this decision and with the support of the NSPCC and Strategic Safeguarding in Sport Group, managed to obtain an extension to the service until the end of September 2016.

As there was no credible, cost-effective alternative in the market place, we took the opportunity to create our own service which could be delivered across the third sector, gathering intelligence from members in respect of what they wanted the service to look like and what they were prepared to pay. With the support of members, we created and launched a seamless new service with easy-to-use technology, helping to keep costs low and support levels high via phone and email helplines.

For more information on how to access our DBS services, please visit here.