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Th WSA Volunteer Hub has been set up with the objective of providing our members with crucial support in the running of their events. The role of volunteers is so important in the smooth-running and even existence of the competitions that our members put on for athletes and fans to enjoy; so, it’s vital that there’s a reliable hub of volunteers for them to call upon.

With our mission of supporting our members and ensuring they remain robust and resilient, this Volunteer Hub – launched in January 2023 – will give them just that!

It’s no secret that the sports industry is a tough one to get into; neither is it a secret that sporting events are so often supported by the work of volunteers. This, as a result, provides people searching for CPD opportunities or even a day of enjoyment a perfect scenario!

Volunteering helped Sian Cousins, now a full-time member of the Street Football Wales team, attain her current position:

Whilst I was studying at university, I made sure to take every opportunity to expand my networks and use free time to volunteer and gain valuable work experience.

The time I gave voluntarily to support Street Football Wales meant I got offered a full-time contract straight out of university, in a job that has presented invaluable career opportunities including managing and developing a project independently, developing positive relationships with staff, volunteers and key stakeholders as well as being involved in planning and running several international trips.

To read Sian’s full experience with volunteering and how it was invaluable in earning her current role, click here.

Whether you’re a student keen to build a portfolio in sports events and soak up the unique experience that a national sporting event can give you, or you simply want to give something back to the sport and leisure sector and the community, your skills are sought after!

This is a perfect opportunity for you to build your expertise in this specific field, make up volunteering hours, get some impressive experience under your belt with an ideal CPD opportunity, or simply just enjoy quality sport while offering your support!

We would also encourage business and companies who give staff time off to volunteer as part of their CSR policy to sign up to the Hub!

Please note that the WSA and members want to ensure that the volunteer opportunities listed are available for all – so consideration is given to expenses for travel and nourishment at the events. Please don’t let this be a barrier to you signing up to the Volunteer Hub.

To register your interest in donating your time to volunteer in sport and be a part of some brilliant events (or if you’re one of those aforementioned businesses), please sign up here:

The WSA also provides a brilliantly efficient and cost-effective DBS checking service which can support volunteers carry out a crucial component of their safeguarding journeys!

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