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The templates and guidance provided on this website are here to help you develop good policies that suit the needs of your organisation, the actual process of deciding what best suits your organisation is an important part of moving from template to actual agreed policy.

Remember, these are only templates, they will need to be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation.

Should you have any concerns about the way in which you are amending the document, we would recommend that you take independent  legal advice. To find out more about creating good policy click here.

You do need to be a WSA member to access the templates below. Please login now, Or Register here to gain access to this page.

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Data Protection


Subject Access Requests

Segregation of Financial Duties




Most organisations encourage and support the positive use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to further the aims of their sport. These notes and templates offer suggestions how to develop suitable policies and procedures to minimise asset and business risk, as well as creating security awareness around potential loss, misuse or abuse of equipment, programs and data.

Business Continuity

Fire & Risk


Employment Information

Code of Conduct

Employee Induction

Financial Policies

Other Links


Conflict of Interest

General Complaints

Social Media


Vexatious Complaints

Hospitality and Gifts

Knowing your sporting (or organisational) landscape is fundamental to understanding where you sit in the ‘bigger picture’. The Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales (GLFW) advises the types of knowledge and links that a typical organisation might have and need to understand. Some information will be specific to you, such as the way an athlete progresses from grassroots to elite, other examples will be more general.

Links to the wider more general landscape in Wales can be found below:

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