You don’t need a Welsh cap, a trophy cabinet or even a pair of trainers to volunteer in sport…

The skills that many sports organisations in Wales are crying out for are often the sort of things that come as second nature to business professionals.

This isn’t a call for cash, what’s most valuable to sport is your time and talent – your corporate expertise and experience, to help us nurture, support and develop a vibrant Welsh sport sector that is set up for success.

From as little as a donation of a day’s worth of expertise to our Knowledge Bank, to a commitment to a Non-Executive Director’s role on a Board – your business know-how and capability could make a huge positive difference to the viability and resilience of a sports organisation, and ultimately, to the well-being of the people of Wales.

To register your interest in donating to our Knowledge Bank and other opportunities to volunteer in sport, please sign up here:

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