PureCyber – WSA’s official Cyber Security Partner

PureCyber – the official Cyber Security Partner of the WSA

PureCyber is making cyber security accessible, understandable, and affordable for all businesses.

As an established global security leader, PureCyber provides a complete and unique range of advanced 247-managed cyber security solutions. The team of forty staff are headquartered in Cardiff and are cyber security experts in the sports, stadiums, and leisure sectors, equipping these organisations with the capability to forge effective defences and safeguard their growth.

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is crucial for protecting data, customers, and employees, and is essential for maintaining trust and reputation. Engaging in cybersecurity measures helps organisations navigate constantly evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

Delivering efficiencies and excellence, PureCyber offers a single-service cyber solution, working collaboratively with organisations to remove the complexity and resource intensity of managing multiple vendors. While offering individual service solutions, PureCyber’s unique subscription model means that services are tailored to the size and complexity of your business, delivering a truly holistic approach to your security.

PureCyber is passionate about raising awareness and understanding of cyber security at all levels, demystifying the jargon and improving confidence and resilience across organisations. We believe that getting to know and understand our customers and their organisations is paramount to the successful delivery of our services. Our experienced team works tirelessly to forge excellent working relationships with each one of our customers, allowing us to authentically recommend the best path for them.

Welsh at heart, with a global reach, we help businesses understand and stay ahead of the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

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