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The WSA is the membership body for the sport and leisure industry in Wales, charged with the task of providing leadership, advocacy and a gateway to shared business services for the sector. Below are some WSA membership testimonials from a few valued members who have already taken advantage of our resources.

If you would like to experience the benefits of WSA membership first-hand, you can become a member by contacting the team or completing the membership application form, which you can find here.

RBI Wales

“Generally, the WSA have been really easy, lovely and great to speak with – they’re a really good-cultured organisation.”

Click here for the full RBI Wales testimonial

Ospreys in the Community

“We would 100% recommend WSA membership! They offer a wide range of services and offers that provide invaluable support for all sports organisations.”

Click here for the full Ospreys in the Community testimonial

Caerphilly County Borough Council

“Their reputation, the partnership opportunities, and the network and collaboration that happens through the WSA is worth membership alone – that’s why we pay!”

Click here for the full Caerphilly County Borough Council testimonial

Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales

The staff at WSA are very supportive and are always on hand to support us when required; I’d most definitely recommend the WSA!

Click here for the full Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales testimonial

Wales Golf

“I would 100% recommend joining the WSA to any organisation in the sector that hasn’t already – you just feel supported and connected when you’re working with the WSA.” 

Click here for the full Wales Golf testimonial

Welsh Karate Governing Body

“The WSA act as a very good conduit, mediator, and friend to their members. The impression you get is that they’re always working on behalf of their members.”

Click here for the full Welsh Karate Governing Body testimonial

Sporting Memories Foundation

“We know that they’re there behind us should we need support at any given time; it’s nice to be a part of that bigger network.”

Click here for the full Sporting Memories Foundation testimonial

Conwy County Borough Council

The WSA is integral to the development to sport and leisure within WalesThere’s something in that relationship that really helps us to know we’re part of a team going in the right direction.”

Click here for the full Conwy County Borough Council testimonial

Byw’n Iach WSA Testimonial

“We felt that joining was a way of showing our appreciation and ensuring that the support can continue into the future.”

Click here for the full Byw’n Iach testimonial

Welsh Motorcycle Federation WSA Testimonial

“It’s absolutely necessary for every governing body to have WSA membership because… (it) can provide stability and bring the sector together as a strong, collective voice.”

Click here for the full Welsh Motorcycle Federation testimonial

RYA Cymru WSA Testimonial

“Membership opens doors for you and ensures you’re a fit and able company to deliver.”

Click here for the full RYA Cymru testimonial

Impetus Dance WSA Testimonial

I’ve felt as though I’m part of a wider group of people who want the very best for Wales and who want a clear, precise standard in place for the good of the sport and leisure sector.”

Click here for the full Impetus Dance testimonial

Rubicon Dance WSA Testimonial

“Being able to email in with an enquiry and get a precise, speedy reply from a bank of experts is invaluable!”

Click here for the full Rubicon Dance testimonial

Welsh Rowing WSA Testimonial

“They’re a link into the bigger picture, a lifeline in terms of support, and they allow you to access resources and do things that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

Click here for the full Welsh Rowing testimonial

Aura Leisure and Libraries WSA Testimonial

“I would definitely recommend the WSA to any sporting organisations; they provide a sense of community and a collective voice for the sector.

Click here for the full Aura Leisure and Libraries testimonial

The Outdoor Partnership WSA Testimonial

“The appeal of the WSA is the reach across the sector that they have, which facilitates the networking with either similar organisations, or organisations that we’re likely to be working with.”

Click here for the full The Outdoor Partnership testimonial

Welsh Cycling WSA Testimonial

“I’d say that over the previous five years, the WSA has achieved a level which we never would have thought it would or could.” 

Click here for the full Welsh Cycling testimonial

Weightlifting Wales WSA Testimonial

“I’d highly recommend the WSA to any prospective members because it’s a professional, helpful and efficient body that has really helped our own organisation to develop.” 

Click here for the full Weightlifting Wales testimonial

Badminton Wales WSA Testimonial

“I am hugely grateful to the WSA team and I would absolutely recommend membership, without a doubt.”

Click here for the full Badminton Wales testimonial

BowlsWales WSA Testimonial

“For any organisation within the sport sector that are struggling or simply need additional support in order to thrive and achieve their objectives, we would definitely recommend WSA – they are fantastic!”

Click here for the full BowlsWales testimonial

Legacy Leisure WSA Testimonial

“It’s a ‘one stop shop’ for the whole sector to be able to interact, develop partnerships, share experiences, and access services.”

Click here for the full Legacy Leisure testimonial

Canoe Wales WSA Testimonial

“It’s just a good way of generating a collective voice in challenging times while also leaning on a bank of resources – it’s certainly a useful support for our fairly small National Governing Body.”

Click here for the full Canoe Wales testimonial

British Dressage Wales WSA Testimonial

“I think it’s the whole personal touch and the fact that staff have always made themselves known to us that makes the WSA so great.

Click here for the full British Dressage Wales testimonial

Welsh Padel Centre WSA Testimonial

“In the same way that you’d talk to an accountant to understand the finer workings of accountancy, the WSA provides you with expertise of the sports sector!”

Click here for the full Welsh Padel Centre testimonial

Snowsport Cymru Wales WSA Testimonial

“What you pay in membership, you get back in expert services 10 times over.”

Click here for the full Snowsport Cymru Wales testimonial

UK Breakin’ WSA Testimonial

“I’d definitely recommend the WSA. Where we’ve found barriers in other sporting contexts, the WSA has not had those; it feels like they’re trying to make sport accessible for all.”

Click here for the full UK Breakin’ testimonial

University of South Wales WSA Testimonial

“Our experience with the WSA has been excellent and I would absolutely recommend membership; they’re good people who always try to find solutions to the challenges presented to their members.”

Click here for the full University of South Wales testimonial

Welsh Fencing WSA Testimonial

“Membership means we’re not sat on our own on a little island; we’ve got friends out there! I see no reason why we’d ever split away from it, no reason at all.”

Click here for the full Welsh Fencing testimonial

Bangor University WSA Testimonial

The WSA has created that much-needed link between the government and the sector, and I would most definitely highly recommend membership… It’s been a very valuable asset for us.

Click for the full Bangor University testimonial

Hockey Wales WSA Testimonial

“My general experience with the WSA has been great; they’re just good people who really want to help us and help the sector to thrive.”

Click for the full Hockey Wales testimonial

Table Tennis Wales WSA Testimonial

I can’t sing the WSA’s praises highly enough because it’s just been invaluable... The WSA are a 10/10 on every front.”

Click for the full Table Tennis Wales testimonial

Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust WSA Testimonial

“It is like having a sounding board best friend who understands and advocates on the industry’s behalf even if we haven’t asked directly. It’s the passion and care shown to the sector that most stands out.”

Click for the full Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust testimonial

Cricket Wales WSA Testimonial

“I can’t really ask for more, either in terms of what has been provided or indeed how it’s been provided.”

Click for the full Cricket Wales testimonial

Welsh Judo Association WSA Testimonial

“They’re clearly a values-driven organisation with members at its very heart. There’s a great community of sport in Wales, and that’s facilitated by the WSA.”

Click for the full Welsh Judo Association testimonial

Welsh Triathlon WSA Testimonial

“The WSA has been a valuable asset for Welsh Triathlon… and I would certainly recommend other organisations in the sector to apply for membership.”

Click for the full Welsh Triathlon testimonial

Swim Wales WSA Testimonial

“We’re not a WSA member because we have to be, we choose to be and that’s a massive difference.”

Click for the full Swim Wales WSA testimonial

Torfaen Leisure Trust WSA Testimonial

“We simply wouldn’t exist without WSA’s support over the last year”.

Click for the full Torfaen Leisure Trust WSA testimonial

Welsh Netball WSA Membership Testimonial

“The level of support members receive by WSA is significant. Without it over the last 12 months, the sector would undoubtedly be in a different place.”

Click for the full Welsh Netball WSA testimonial

Carmarthenshire County Council WSA Membership Testimonial

“The sheer power of two-way communication between government and the sporting sector is largely thanks to WSA”.

Click for the full Carmarthenshire County Council WSA testimonial

Tennis Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

“We’ve collaborated so well as a sector thanks to WSA during Covid-19; it’s exciting to think what we could do together next.”

Click for the full Tennis Wales WSA testimonial

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