Wales Golf WSA Membership Testimonial

Hannah McAllister is the Chief Executive Officer at Wales Golf and has revealed to the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) how her organisation’s long-term membership with us has aided them.

We’ve always been a member, since I can remember, and we’ve always met annually with the WSA and utilised the service in whatever capacity I’ve been involved with Wales Golf. 

The thing that has attracted us to always remaining WSA members is the breadth of service they offer and the support of the staff. 

Hannah stated that the WSA did a lot to support Wales Golf through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Throughout the pandemic, the support of the WSA team gave us confidence as well as education in terms of helping us understand all the legislations and aiding in translating them to the world of sport and the world of golf, making it easy for our golf clubs to digest the information – through all of which we picked up a better understanding of Welsh Government regulations in general. 

We’re able to pick up the phone at any time; if ever I have a problem or a query, I will give the WSA a call and speak to one of the staff, because even if they can’t help me and find a solution directly, they will know someone in the sector who can. 

She went on to explain what services within the WSA membership offer her organisation had made use of:

We’ve made great use of all the governance policies and templates that the WSA provide – they’ve been massively useful to us because they’re always up to date with recent legislation – while all the training courses have also been of great value. 

The WSA helpline, from which you get a free hour with experts, has been really beneficial for us and, indeed, after utilising that service we subsequently had the confidence to go to that specialist company for a paid service. 

What we are huge fans of from our WSA membership is the fact that everything we benefit from extends to our clubs. And those helplines, for smaller clubs who maybe don’t have legal support for example, are so useful.  

We’re also users of the WSA’s DBS checking service. It’s really easy to use, there’s always brilliant support should we have any queries about the process, and we thoroughly utilise and appreciate that service. 

Hannah concluded by summarising what she thought of WSA membership and if she would encourage others to sign up:

WSA support has just ensured we’ve been up to date with our policies and procedures, been connected to the sport sector and having such a deep network of support, and pretty much had a friend who’s always there to help and support.  

As a team, they’re always ready to help and support their members. The staff that are recruited within the WSA have got amazing skills and are able to connect with people at all levels – I’ve got no hesitation that I can ring up now and have a good chat! 

I would 100% recommend joining the WSA to any organisation in the sector that hasn’t already – you just feel supported and connected when you’re working with the WSA. 

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