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Following on from WSA member demand, the WSA has created a suite of Welsh Language resources in conjunction with the Welsh Language Commissioner (WLC) and Sport Wales. The resource includes a range of free support and resources to allow WSA members and the wider sporting sector to develop their use of the Welsh language.

Despite offering a number of Welsh language services to the sector, including the only bi-lingual DBS service in existence, the WSA is eager to make greater strides in this area and will utilise the resources detailed below to translate the WSA website as a next step.

To start with, here is a very handy list of sports terms that was prepared by the Welsh Language Board. Alongside a useful list of congratulatory sports phrases!

WSA Welsh language training courses

As part of our commitment to broadening our Welsh-language offerings to promote the development and use of the language in sport and leisure and beyond, the WSA has launched training courses for its members.

We want to ensure that sport and leisure is as accessible and inclusive as possible so that everyone has the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also contributing to Welsh heritage and supporting in Welsh Government’s ambitious objective to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

Welsh Language Sport and Leisure Course for beginners

This free course includes 10 units (around 10 hours of learning), split into Part 1 (5 units, around 5 hours) and Part 2 (5 units, around 5 hours). 

Find further details on this online course via the Dysgu Cymraeg website here!

WSA Raising Confidence Residential Course with Dysgu Cymraeg (13-17 March 2023)

The main aim of this free of charge, sport-specific, intermediate-level course is to give everyone who wishes to improve their Welsh language skills the opportunity to gain confidence in using them. You will spend 5 days and 4 nights in the beautiful setting of Nant Gwrtheyrn in Pwllheli, with colleagues from the sport and leisure sector with the objective of building your confidence in the Welsh language, meeting new people and having fun!

Click here for full details on this fantastic opportunity.

And visit the Dysgu Cymraeg website here to declare your interest!

Helo Blod

Helo Blod  is a new service that has just been launched by the Welsh Government that offers free translation and text checking.

They offer free translation service of up to 500 words per month, and also a text checking service of up to 1000 words per year.

This service is open to small and medium businesses and charities that have up to 250 members of staff or volunteers. Anyone wanting to access the service will be required to register on their website.

Please see further details and resources available from the WLC Hybu Team to help develop your Welsh language use.

1 in 5 people in Wales speak Welsh. Offering services in Welsh can:

  • Attract new members and volunteers to your sport
  • Meet the needs of your current members
  • Create a sense of team and national pride

Welsh speakers are more likely to be hooked on sport and volunteer. 42% of children aged 10-14 can speak Welsh and this figure is increasing. If you receive public funding you should be required to provide services in Welsh.

Please contact the Hybu Team: [email protected] or call 0345 603 3221 to see how you can give it a go #Amdani. They have a dedicated page to Sports Resources; here are some ideas to get started:

  • Identify which officers and volunteers speak Welsh.
  • Appoint a Welsh language champion to be responsible for promoting and developing your Welsh language offer.
  • Use the Iaith Gwaith to show which officers speak Welsh. You can order Iaith Gwaith resources FREE.
  • Encourage Welsh speakers to gain confidence in writing in Welsh by using our FREE proof reading service.
  • Ensure that the Welsh language is present at events and competitions. Find out more within this document provided by the Welsh Language Commissioner..
  • Use more Welsh on social media
  • Give the Welsh language more prominence on your corporate image – bilingual logo, certificates and marketing materials. See the bilingual design guide.
  • Make the most of any text translations on your website or publications by commissioning a translator that understands your organisation’s voice. Please see further details on sport specific translators below.
  • Identify stars/champions in your sport who speak Welsh – support them with speaking to the media in Welsh and to visit clubs and schools. Promote them as role models for young people.
  • Ask which clubs offer training in Welsh or bilingually – how about using them an example for a case study e.g. filming a training session

Language Planning

Some of our members have a Welsh Language Policy in place. However, how many of your users/members are aware of what you offer? Over the next few months the WLC are going to be working with organisations to try to simplify how you can let the public know what language services you offer, and encourage everyone to use them.

Sport Wales are also in discussions with the WLC on how this new system can be incorporated into their funding requirements moving forward. Now is the time to work with the WLC if you want to evaluate your current Welsh language policy, or you’re looking to draw one up. The Hybu team are there to support you to ensure that your policy is fit for purpose and to increase the use of your services.

Sport Specific Translators

Below are a select group of translators, for the sporting sector and WSA members to utilise moving forward.

The WSA has worked on a shortlist through the Association of Welsh Translators, and engaged those translators with a specialist service in Sport.  The WSA requested that this bank of welsh translators utilise memory translation software where possible, to ensure consistency and provide best value for money.  The translators will also link with the Coleg Cymraeg terminology portal, Termau will offer a complete list of terms, which is easy to filter and can also ensure consistency. 

Please find the WSA shortlisted translation organisations, as well as freelancers below. When reaching out, please indicate that you are a member of the WSA, and they will provide you with their most competitve rates.


Name: Haf Roberts
Mobile: 07785 732548
Email: [email protected]


Name: Elinor Gwerfyl Price
Tel: 01341 422094
Mobile: 07881677029
Email: [email protected]


Name: Owain Glyn Saunders Jones
Tel: 01970 832 172
Website: www.atebol.com
Email: [email protected]


Name: Steffan Rhys Williams
Mobile: 07814783027
Email: [email protected]


Name: Rhys Lorwerth
Mobile: 07990 590 185
Email: [email protected]


Name: Nerys Hurford
Mobile: 07801 657370
Website: www.neryshurford.co.uk
Email: [email protected]


Name: Eiri Sion
Mobile: 07954133101
Website: www.nico.cymru
Email: [email protected]

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