Technology has a major impact on how we run sporting organisations and how we connect with audiences across the sector. Digital transformation is enabling sporting organisations to have more efficient business practices as well as being able to deliver wider opportunities and innovative experiences to the sector.  

We are conscious that much of the sector has yet to utilise the opportunities available to them through technology and are committed to supporting the sector in developing its knowledge and expertise, as well as providing access to services that will improve operational performance.   

Please see a range of digital solutions and resources below. If there are additional digital platforms that you are interested in, please let us know as we me may be able to use our collective power to leverage the best deal. 

Cyber Security

Guidance notes and tools that are designed to support individuals and organisations when it comes to enhancing cyber security awareness and practices.

Sport:80 Platform

Sport:80 is a Membership Platform solution that enables sport organisations to unlock the power and value of their communities through innovative technology. 

Digital Resources

The Welsh Sports Association has provided a range of templates & resources to support WSA members in plannning Digital projects

Livestreaming Solution

A dedicated app, an over-the-top streaming platform and a 4K HD automatic action-tracking camera

Insurance Portal

The Welsh Sports Association has teamed up with insurance experts Watkin Davies and Sportscover to develop a unique insurance portal designed specifically for coaches in Wales.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise have more vehicles at more locations than anyone else, so you can rent by the hour, day, month or year; through the online booking portal. Members can also access virtual Car Club.

Our Partners

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