Welsh Motorcycle Federation WSA Membership Testimonial

Secretary of the Welsh Motorcycle Federation, Bryan Puckett, has revealed to the Welsh Sports Association his thoughts on his organisation’s WSA membership.

Bryan started by stating:

We don’t have all that much to do with the WSA, really, because we’re a very small governing body completely run by volunteers; having said that, though, we’ve been members for many, many years and have always supported the work they do. 

I’ve seen the WSA develop and move from phase to phase over the years and, as a governing body, we feel we have to support it and be a part of it because it does do really good work.

Bryan continued to reveal the perks that the Welsh Motorcycle Federation has felt and why they’ve remained – and feel it’s important to remain – members.

We’ve always felt that it’s important to remain members, because we benefit in little ways. We keep in contact and are updated with various policies through bulletins and newsletters, especially over the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

That information has been regular, it’s been excellent – I can’t fault it – and we’ve used it to send out to our member clubs, so they’ve always been updated and supported themselves. 

The online meetings with Welsh Government representatives have been brilliant, as well. I’ve attended every one and the only way I can describe their impact is 10/10! Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the regular changes from Senedd; it was a difficult time and it was the WSA that kept us informed, giving us clarification throughout. 

It’s been a very useful contact, obviously supporting its members through that stage, and we’ve always felt that it’s crucial to keep in communications with the WSA because we’re a minority sport and not really in the limelight, but one day we could be. 

We might have some sort of issue and we may need to use the WSA; so we always keep our membership, because you never what’s going to happen tomorrow. 

Bryan concluded by summarising why membership is vital.

I would say that it’s absolutely necessary for every governing body to have WSA membership because, when it comes to tough situations, the WSA can provide stability and bring the sector together as a strong, collective voice.  

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