Tennis Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Simon Johnson, Chief Executive, Tennis Wales

“We’ve collaborated so well as a sector thanks to WSA during Covid-19; it’s exciting to think what we could do together next.”

Tennis Wales has been a member of WSA for over seven years. 

“Certainly, from my perspective the facilitation of meetings with like-minded bodies, stakeholders and public officials over recent months has been invaluable to us. There’s no way governing bodies could have achieved all of that single-handedly while also managing all of the challenges Covid-19 put our way at the same time.

“I feel like the WSA really grew into its own the last year, and I think there’s a real opportunity to continue pushing even harder for the sector, whether that be lobbying Welsh Government, identifying more partners we can benefit from and continuing to use that collective voice for positive change.

“As the organisation grows and evolves, I think there’s a real prospect to move further into the spaces of innovation, technology and future-proofing too. And while the WSA has played the part of impartiality so well for us over the last year, it’s exciting to consider what things we can do next together as I don’t imagine WSA ever resting on its laurels.”

“To work with a team who understands the importance of the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales, while not being our direct funding partner, is great for impartial guidance and providing best practice ways of working.”

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