Welsh Cycling WSA Testimonial

Anne Adams-King, CEO of Welsh Cycling, has revealed how membership to the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) has supported the organisation over the years.

Anne Adams-King, CEO of Welsh Cycling

Our membership has definitely been historical to some extent; as a sport, the WSA has always been our go-to organisation and, even when things changed with regard to the extension of its membership base, there was no reason to leave – it kept getting better rather than worse and we always got value for money, so the natural thing, of course, was to stay! 

For us, as an organisation, the WSA has been there to provide that additional support – it’s always been present but, particularly under the leadership of CEO Victoria Ward, it’s really grown. They’re about bringing people together and making sure that people have the support that they need. 

Anne continued to detail how the WSA had aided her organisation:

Not only has the WSA provided useful business support services, but they have been able to provide robust advocacy services on behalf of the sector too, offering real clarity, challenge and direction as the trade body for sport & leisure in Wales. 

We’ve utilised the partner offers available to hire transport – through Enterprise – and executive recruitment for our board – through Acorn – while also being helped by the WSA to configure our CRM system.  

I have most of my contact with Vicky and Policy and Communications Manager Matt Williams, who are always on hand to pick up the phone while invariably having their fingers on the pulse. And that reflects the WSA’s communication with other agencies and Welsh Government throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

They’ve made sure that the sports sector has an understanding of what’s going on and ensured a clarity for the duration, helping all of us to have the information to be able to do our jobs.  

They’ve come in and made such a difference to enable us to cope, really, and been the ones to argue our case. You can take that out of the COVID-19 environment, too – they’re our sector’s organisation and they advocate for us to whoever needs to hear it.  

Concluding her testimonial, Anne suggested that membership is simply a no-brainer:

As a governing body, being members is something we just wouldn’t not do. I’d say that over the previous five years, the WSA has achieved a level which we never would have thought it would or could. 

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