Impetus Dance WSA Membership Testimonial

Impetus Dance became Full Members of the Welsh Sports Association just before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and their Director, Louise Bowman, has told the WSA about why she originally applied for membership and how it has helped her since.

We’re a micro-entity, a very, very small group, and originally wanted to acquire support to assist us in delivering inclusive dance sport opportunities to Wales, so we joined the Welsh Sports Association to hear about legislation, to discover ways to get involved in our sporting community, to better understand the makeup of Wales and how we fitted in.  

We’ve stayed WSA members simply because the support we receive is quite amazing; although we don’t contact them all that much, they’re so useful – that’s especially been the case through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

The help through lockdowns has been phenomenal – being able to go to the online sessions with Welsh Government representatives present gave us clarity every couple of weeks or whenever updates came out that related to how COVID-19 would affect our situation.  

At time we were really stuck, asking ourselves what on earth was right and wrong, so being involved in those meetings and a group in which we could see all the challenges that everyone in the sporting sector was facing at the time was just incredible and truly helpful! 

Lou went on to detail the other support Impetus Dance had received through their WSA membership.

Apart from the help through the Pandemic, I’ve utilised other WSA services like training and policy templates, specifically relating to our website which I set up a few years back. 

We’ve also made use of partner offers such as with Sportscover, who were brilliant in underwriting me something to cover me for everything I do, and Loosemores Solicitors, who gave me the support I needed on the couple of occasions that I needed legal advice.  

My experience with the WSA has been fantastic. They come back to you almost instantly and, in fact, I often get a response straight away or at most within 24 hours. They’ve always been massively helpful and, if they can’t help with your query, they’ll always signpost you to people who can – they’re very good like that.  

Lou was finally asked whether she’d recommend membership to other organisations in the sport and leisure sector.

I’ve just found that, being involved with that whole organisation, I’ve felt as though I’m part of a wider group of people who want the very best for Wales and who want a clear, precise standard in place for the good of the sport and leisure sector.  

I’d definitely recommend the WSA! 

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