Canoe Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Canoe Wales CEO, Alistair Dickson, has revealed why the organisation has remained Welsh Sports Association members and how WSA membership has benefitted them:

The organisation was already a member of the WSA when I joined but, from the moment I started, it’s been clear that they’ve really been the voice for the sector through the COVID-19 Pandemic and really helped us establish engagement with Welsh Government as well as support us in a variety of ways – either through governance or business resources.

We’ve used Acorn for recruitment as well as making use of the governance resources and legal support on offer – the latter of which has been especially useful to us, as it has helped in a number of areas.

The WSA not only generates a combined voice for the sector – which has been hugely helpful through the Pandemic – but also offers a network of resources and supportive organisations that help us in a variety of ways as issues and challenges come up.

Alistair concluded by summarising why any ponderous organisations should sign up for membership!

I would definitely recommend the WSA; it’s just a good way of generating a collective voice in challenging times while also leaning on a bank of resources – it’s certainly a useful support for our fairly small National Governing Body.

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