Welsh Karate Governing Body WSA Membership Testimonial

Welsh Karate Governing Body have been part of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) for several years, and their CEO Roger Williams has revealed how the organisation has felt supported courtesy of membership.

We’ve always been a member of the WSA, for as long as I can remember, and they’ve always done a service for us as a spokesperson for all the NGBs; I’ve always appreciated that. 

In the last several years especially, I’ve been impressed by the leadership shown. During the COVID-19 pandemic particularly, I thought the WSA were excellent in disseminating information and taking the lead to support the sector. 

That support throughout the pandemic was very helpful. I attended some business continuity calls which were of great use; the WSA really stepped up, communicating with Welsh Government and seeming to be the ones with all the information for the sector. 

We’ve used the WSA as a sounding board when we’ve wanted to have an independent opinion on something, just to get another viewpoint in case we have any concerns or anything like that. 

Whenever we’ve gone to the WSA, they’ve always been very helpful, cooperative, and basically just given us what we needed. 

Welsh Karate Governing Body are also among the many organisations that utilise the WSA’s DBS checking service, and Roger revealed how his experience of the service had been.

The WSA’s DBS service is very good – it does exactly what is says on the tin and does what we want it to do!  

We adopted the system many years ago; as soon as the offer became available, we took it up. It’s easy, quick, and we’re very happy with it seeing as it’s helped efficiency compared to the system that we used prior.  

All in all, the WSA provide services and resources, give you help and reassurance, offer you guidance in interpreting different strategies or policies that come out from Government – the WSA act as a very good conduit, mediator, and friend to their members. 

The impression you get is that they’re always working on behalf of their members.

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