Snowsport Cymru Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Snowsport Cymru Wales CEO, Robin Kellen, has revealed the positive impact that membership of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) has had on his organisation, and why he’s decided to remain a member for quite some time.

CEO of Snowsport Cymru Wales, Robin Kellen

Speaking to the WSA, Robin stated:

We’ve been actively involved with the Welsh Sports Association for many years – way before we had to pay to join the organisation!

Adopting a membership fee was a natural step towards how the organisation was going to grow in terms of developing its support services. To be able to provide the support and the resources that were needed, it’s a small contribution to the overall cost and it certainly pays back in terms of any of the expertise and advice we’ve been able to gain.

Robin continued to explain just how the WSA had aided Snowsport Cymru Wales:

Membership of the WSA has allowed us to access a level of expertise and knowledge that we’ve been able to gain that we just didn’t have before. They’ve brought a lot of new things to the table – insight around advocacy for the sports sector, policy development, and a bank of expertise in sports development.

For example, if we were looking for background information and more knowledge concerning recruitment and employment legislation previously, we’d have looked around; now, I know that there’s a source to go to that will help to provide that and, if they don’t know right away, they’ll have someone look it up and come back to us immediately.

The DBS checking service is an integral part of the services we take advantage of, as well as recruitment; when we’re looking to fill a role, we’ll be able to put it up on the WSA website – we recently advertised a small, one-day-a-week post and had a lot of interest and some excellent candidates that came from that.

The real game-changer in the last two years has been the WSA’s support around COVID-19. Liaising with Welsh Government, helping us to understand and implement changing regulations, and the support they have been able to provide, alongside Sport Wales, has meant that we have been able to not only survive but thrive for the future.

The leadership that WSA CEO Vicky shows has always been very good but, in the last couple of years, it has been fantastic – she deserves a gong! The whole of the rest of the team have also been excellent in researching, informing and supporting wherever we’ve needed and whenever we’ve reached out to them. 

Robin concluded by summarising what membership has meant for him and for Snowsport Cymru Wales:

The advantage of membership for Snowsport Wales is having a go-to group of specialists that we can refer to when we need more background and expert advice, to be able to tackle the future and changes to the sport.

What you pay in membership, you get back in expert services 10 times over.

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