DBS Checks for Sports Coaches

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA), via trading arm Vibrant Nation, provides a bilingual, online DBS Checking Service (Disclosure and Barring Service) as part of our commitment to ensuring sport and physical activity is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice and The Home Office, it has also been endorsed by both Welsh Government and the NSPCC – so rest assured that our service is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

Most sports coaches will at some point come across the subject of DBS checks. Being asked to undergo a DBS check does not mean you are suspected of anything – it is a standard procedure for anyone whose role involves regular contact with children or vulnerable adults and, in many cases, an organisation employing a sports coach will have a legal duty to go through this process.

Click here for a comprehensive guide that can help you understand what DBS Checks for sport coaches are, how and when to apply for a DBS Check, and what your responsibilities are when it comes to this important safeguarding tool.

The WSA, through Vibrant Nation, have been offering a full range of DBS checks since 2016 and is the only bilingual DBS service in Wales.

Vibrant Nation

Our service is very competitively priced for any organisation to utilise, regardless of WSA membership – although members can benefit from a discounted rate. Furthermore, our DBS Checking Service is not run for profit, meaning that the money generated is invested back into the services and resources that the WSA provide for the health and prosperity of the sport and leisure sector. 

If you are not currently utilising our DBS service, please complete a non-obligation pre-registration application hereand a member of our team will be in touch.

Even if you’re not a WSA member, and even if you’re not involved in sport or physical activity, you are still more than welcome to utilise the bilingual DBS Checking Service available; we have numerous charities and third sector organisations across the UK that take advantage of our not-for-profit service.

Full information on the WSA’s DBS Checking Service for sport & leisure can be found here. To express an interest in the service, please follow the previously linked pre-registration form, or access our trading arm Vibrant Nation’s website directly – here.

DBS checks are one (very important) part of an organisation’s wider safeguarding strategy, to be used alongside a host of other safeguarding prevention measures. The WSA has a wide range of resources and courses that can aid your organisation in its journey to ensuring a safe environment. These can be found here.

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