Cyber Security in the Sport Sector

Cyber Security in the Sport Sector

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA), in its mission of facilitating the thriving and resilience of the entirety of the sport and leisure sector, offers a range of business support services, which includes increasingly important cyber security resources.

Recent times have seen an alarming increase in the number of incidents, relating to breaches in cyber security.

Research carried out by the NCSC on the matter of Cyber Threat to Sport Organisations highlighted the worryingly high prevalence of cyber threats to the sport sector and revealed some not-so-pleasant statistics.

According to the findings, 70% of sporting organisations had previously found themselves on the wrong end of a cyber breach while 30% of hits had led to financial damage – losses averaging £10,000 per incident.

From fraudulent communications and phishing, to data breaches, to business disruption, no organisation is completely safe against the threat of online criminality and its potentially severe consequences.

The WSA, therefore, has compiled some invaluable resources that can take you through necessary steps to prevent and manage the threat across varying situations, including the current ongoing crisis in Ukraine which has of course caused a heightened cyber threat.

You can find our plethora of crucial resources here.

You can also see how resilient your organisation is to cyber attacks and find out where you need to improve courtesy of the NCSC’s free-to-use Exercise in a Box tool – here.

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