Exploring Climate Change and Sustainability in Sport seminar

As the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place in Glasgow, recognition is growing that the climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind – sport will not be immune to those challenges and changes.

Sport as a sector relies on the natural environment, holds mass events every week, requires people to travel to facilitate competitions and as such the sector has a responsibility to understand the key issues and consider how we can improve. Sports organisations also comprise a network of clubs, groups, staff, volunteers, leaders and individuals who can each make small changes and can help to influence change across the sector and beyond.

This collaborative event between the sports associations of Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales will include speakers and panel discussion on some of the excellent practice underway across the UK, as well as ideas and inspiration for how clubs and event organisers can change to reduce their environmental impact.

For more info, please visit : Exploring Climate Change and Sustainability in Sport

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