Understanding how membership can evolve is more important than ever

We are welcoming WSA members to contribute to an incredibly poignant piece of research that aims to understand the financial and operational impacts of sports organisations delivering their membership offering.

This research project is being delivered in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC), the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP), Sport:80, the Sport and Recreation Alliance and the Welsh Sports Association.

We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey (link provided below) which will form the foundation of this research project. The survey delves into a number of key areas with the goal of understanding where sports organisations can refine their membership strategy to become more efficient, engaging and profitable.


All submissions are anonymised, and the details of your specific response will not be disclosed. You will have the choice to provide contact details at the end of the survey should you want to arrange a follow-up to discuss your results.

Our hope is that the findings from this piece of research will help you understand how your membership offering can evolve in the coming years. We also believe it can form the basis of thought leadership surrounding innovation in sports membership to help drive the sector forward.

If you have any questions or need support with the survey then please contact Richard Moore, Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University (r.moore@shu.ac.uk)

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