The Outdoor Partnership are beginning a wide ranging outdoor activity research project in Wales in collaboration with Bangor University and with the support of National Governing Bodies. The aim of the research is to build on our current understanding of participation in and provision of outdoor activities, to identify areas for improvement and to disseminate recommendations.

This research is made up of several parts. A review of existing research on practises, interventions and health-benefits from the outdoor activity sector in Wales and further afield. A survey component, where secondary schools, outdoor activity clubs and providers in Wales are consulted to identify positive interventions, needs and gaps in the sector. From these findings, a  series of case studies will be set up to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues identified.


If you are involved with an outdoor activity club in Wales that hasn’t been contacted concerning this research you can follow the links below to the survey in Welsh or English.


Wales outdoor activity clubs survey 

The results from this outdoor activity clubs questionnaire willbe particularly important for building a needs-assessment and gap-analysis for different regions in Wales, as well as helping us understand how we can best support clubs moving into the future.

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