Enhanced DBS Checks with the WSA

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA), among its plethora of resources, offer a DBS checking service through which both members and non-members can obtain Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS checks.

The WSA has been providing a DBS service, through trading arm Vibrant Nation, since 2016 and offers Wales’ only bilingual service. It’s also digitalised to ease the administrative burden on your organisation which helps maximise efficiency and organisational capacity, as well as being one of the cheapest services on the market whether you’re a WSA member or not!

Administrative fees per check stand at just £4.50 for members, while those without membership pay £5.50. You can visit the Vibrant Nation website to see a full price guide. Whether you’re looking for a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced check, our service is affordable!

Confirming what type of check you’re eligible for can often be a confusing process, but you can refer to the WSA’s dedicated Safeguarding and DBS page to find out all you need to know about this crucial component to ensuring sport is safe for all to enjoy.

Your eligibility for an enhanced DBS check will depend on what your role involves, who you are working with, how often and where the role is performed, and whether you are supervised.

When working with children, you will be engaging in a ‘regulated activity’ if your role involves unsupervised teaching, instructing, coaching, training, supervising, caring, or driving a vehicle only for the children; the activity can also include giving advice or guidance to children relating to their physical, emotional, or educational wellbeing. Your eligibility for an enhanced DBS check will depend on whether you are taking part in one of these ‘regulated activities’ and are not working in certain specified establishments such as schools and nurseries – if your work does take place in such places, you will typically be automatically eligible for an enhanced check. 

You can find more information on our DBS Checks for Sports Coaches page.

WSA DBS Checking Service

The good news is that we don’t limit our service to Wales, either! As part of our commitment to ensuring that the sport and leisure sector is safe for everyone to enjoy, the WSA takes pride in offering an efficient and effective service available nationwide, with over 300 organisations across the UK currently carrying out their DBS checks with us.

Furthermore, our DBS Checking Service is not run for profit, meaning that the money generated is invested back into the services and resources that the WSA provide for the health and prosperity of the sport and leisure sector. 

Visit our DBS checking service for sport and leisure page to find full details of the WSA’s support in this area.

Please also visit our Member Benefits page to see how WSA membership can support your organisation.

And check out our Become a Member page to find out how to apply for membership.

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