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The primary objective of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is to support its membership base in being able to set u a society that’s fit for the future with an array of resources and services. Among these is our free-to-use job advertisement service, allowing our members to put their job opportunities onto our Vacancies page – showcasing openings across the sport and leisure sector – and aiding the recruitment process for everyone!

This value-added piece of functionality to our membership offer allows our members to find the right workforce that will enable them to thrive and is part of our mission to empower the sector to become stronger and more successful so that we can realise our vision of a ‘Vibrant, Active Nation’.

Analytics from the WSA website shows that our Vacancies pages are among the most popular on our website. In 2021, our Vacancies pages amounted to 23.34% of all of our pageviews, while they represent more than a quarter of the WSA website’s total pageviews in 2022 so far!

The primary WSA Vacancies page, fast becoming a recruitment hub and on which all submitted job opportunities are guaranteed to feature, consistently brings in the most page views across our website, racking up thousands of views each month – and its popularity is only increasing!

What does this added piece of functionality offer members?

Through this hidden gem in our membership offer, the WSA offers its members the opportunity to advertise any openings they may have – whether it be full-time, part-time, voluntary, or apprenticeship positions.

This service is designed to give job-hunters who are committed and passionate about working in sport and leisure a direct connection to the possibilities that are out there for them – from each and every corner of our sector and from all of our members!

Taking away the tediousness of going through endless job adverts (we’ve all been there) to find one that’s right for you, our Vacancies page gives prospective employees the openings they’re searching for, in a field they’re passionate about – and, in turn, makes employers’ recruitment process more efficient and more effective!

To post your organisation’s job openings, simply contact the WSA team and give us any details of the role.

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