Gather a wider audience through the WSA Events Submission Form

Gather a wider audience through the WSA Events Submission Form

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) strives towards a prosperous and healthy sport and leisure sector in order to set up a society that is fit for the future. Therefore, alongside our core membership offer, offering our members an array of advocacy and business support services, there are pieces of value-added functionality – one of which is our Events Submission Form, which allows members to very simply promote their activity and calendars to a guaranteed wider and different audience via the WSA website.

Much like our Vacancies page, this perk of membership is a simple and effective tool for organisations to utilise in order to encourage and increase coverage, engagement, and potentially create new revenue streams through participation and attendance.

What easier way to let people know what national competitions are going on in your sport or what events your organisation is putting on? What easier way to prompt engagement in your activity and drive audience numbers? And what easier way to potentially facilitate an increase in income?

Why wouldn’t you utilise it?!

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3; to use the Events Submission Form, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to the membership area of the WSA website
  2. Select ‘My Dashboard’ in the top right of the page
  3. Select ‘Add Event’, which will take you to the page on which you can submit your events

The WSA team will subsequently review your event and put it up in the Events and Courses section of the website!

Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the Events & Courses tab at the top of the WSA homepage and select Events Submission Form in the dropdown menu. Please note that you have to be logged in to actually access the form!

Please find a short tutorial in English, and subsequently in Welsh, below:

This is a great and easy way of taking full advantage of the support the WSA strive to provide our membership base, and we hope you find the feature useful moving forward!

The WSA also has some new and exciting advancements to the core membership offer, including new partner agreements with procurement specialists 2buy2 and governance and compliance experts CalQRisk, updates to our Helpline service, and improvements to website templates such as template articles of association, governance handbooks templates and Sport Strategy in Wales templates!

Visit our Member Benefits page to see the full range of support we can offer.

Check out the Become a Member page of our website if you’re interested in joining.

And to hear what other organisations have said about their experience with the WSA, go to our Membership Testimonials page.

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