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Community Leisure UK (CLUK) and the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) have formed a Strategic Alliance across areas of shared interest and benefit; one of these areas is safeguarding and a robust DBS checking service for sport & leisure.

As part of the new Strategic Alliance, the WSA is to provide CLUK members with access to its DBS service for sport & leisure, which is run through its trading arm, Vibrant Nation.  CLUK members will pay the admin rate equal to that offered to the WSA members, which currently stands at £4.50 plus VAT, with no set up fee for the online DBS service.

The DBS checking service

The WSA operate the DBS Checking Service for sport & leisure. The service is run through its trading arm Vibrant Nation, and provides bilingual, online DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service, formally CRB) as part of their commitment to ensuring sport and physical activity is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice and The Home Office, the WSA system has also been endorsed by both Welsh Government and the NSPCC so rest assured that the service is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

The WSA is the only provider of a fully bilingual system and service in Wales, and even offer a free DBS bilingual helpline should CLUK members, adminstrators or applicants have any questions. WSA offer a range of ID verification options, including the Post Office. The system also utilises the DBS Update Service, allowing CLUK members to fully enhance safeguarding practices.

The DBS checking service system

The system is entirely web-based and can be accessed from any location, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system will also guide CLUK members through the process, ensuring that all correct information is provided thus reducing the likelihood of errors. Most applications are returned within 2 weeks, although many come back much quicker than this, some as quickly as 24 hours!

The price of the DBS checking service for CLUK members

The WSA’s DBS checking service for sport and leisure is very competitively priced, volunteer DBS checks are free, with admin fee’s starting from £4.50 per check for CLUK members. Please note the associated fees from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All money raised via the service is invested back into the sport and leisure sector via the Welsh Sports Association.

To subscribe to the service or ask questions

If you have any questions on the DBS system, or would like to subscribe to the service, please contact the Vibrant Nation team via the unique CLUK DBS form below:

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