Outdoor sports to return in limited numbers

Outdoor sports to return in limited numbers

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) has welcomed the Welsh Government’s moves to ease restrictions on outdoor sports today, which will see organised activity in groups of up to 30 people being permitted from Monday and have said they are looking forward to working with the Government to responsibly bring indoor sports facilities back into use when it is safe to do so.

The WSA has played a key role in working with the Welsh Government and Sport Wales to ensure that sports across Wales are prepared to return to activity as and when restrictions are released.

With outdoor group activity returning over the coming weeks, and more outdoor facilities reopening, the WSA has urged all sports participants to check in with their facility providers, governing bodies or activity organisers for more information about how things will be brought back over the coming weeks.

Managing the risk of Coronavirus remains very important, and all sports have clear guidelines in place around contact, the use of shared equipment, PPE and cleaning. The WSA have also worked to produce a set of training materials for facilities, clubs and coaches as they return to sport, ensuring that all sport in Wales is “covid safe”.

Speaking today Victoria Ward, CEO of the WSA urged individuals to exercise patience as sports return to activity in the coming weeks. She said

“We’ve had fantastic news today, with groups of up to thirty people able to take part in non-contact group activity outdoors. This will enable a huge amount of activity as we move towards the summer holidays, and will provide a lifeline for sporting businesses who will now be able to work over the summer.

“A lot of work has gone into getting us to this position, and we’re obviously not back to normal yet. Whilst people will understandably be excited to get back to their sports, we strongly urge them to check the Welsh Government advice, speak to their facility providers and Governing Bodies websites for information on what can be done under the new restrictions.

“It will take time for everyone to get used to the new ways of doing things, but working together we are on a path that will see people all over Wales able to participate in some form of sporting activity very soon.”

Indoor sports facilities have been given notice that reopening may be possible after the next lockdown review, they are being urged to use the coming weeks to speak to their customers and prepare for a return.

“We are now looking towards the next review and what we can do to assure Government that procedures are in place to enable people to participate indoors safely. We’ve made huge progress in the last few weeks, and our colleagues across the sector are working incredibly hard to get everything ready.

“At the next review, we hope to have even more good news about the return of indoor sports, and the health, wellbeing and economic benefits that will bring.” Said Victoria Ward.

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