Reporting & Monitoring on the WSA Strategic Plan

Reporting & Monitoring. We will always be led by our integrity, reporting to our members on our actions and achievements with openness and honesty, driven by a desire to continuously learn and improve

Goal 1 Collaborate


90% Membership Retention Rate

Membership Retention Rate

New Memorandums of Understanding with strategic partners across the UK

New MOU signed with CLUK

Increased membership satisfaction in our regular surveys. Regular scoring should be very good or better

Very good or better on Membership Satisfaction

We will continue to be a trusted leader in the sector, uniting the voice of our members.

Members believe we are a trusted leader in the sector

Goal 2 Develop


We will increase the average Return on Investment for Membership of the WSA

An increase on the Average Return on Investment

Our procurement portal will deliver measurable savings year on year

Saving on the unit price of energy
Saving on the standing charge

We will retain commerical partners, by providing them and our members with outstanding service

12 Partners retained and 2 new gained from the previous year

We will deliver five membership plus offers by 2025

Three Membership Plus offers launched in 2022.

60 %

Goal 3 Promote


We will create a Sport Foundation for Wales

Sport Foundation created – seeking seed funding.

We will be able to evidence greater investment into the sector as a result of our activity

Basic Business Rates extension

Discussions between our members and key decision makers will be regular and result in clear actions.

WSA Member Events & Sector Forums

We will be the go to point of contact for those outside our sector to gain insight and knowledge on sport and physical activity

Invited to give evidence at the Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport, and International Relations Committee

Our Partners

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