StreetGames insight study captures voices of 1,000 young people

StreetGames insight study captures voices of 1,000 young people

1,000 Young Voices

Welsh Sports Association (WSA) member StreetGames have now published the findings of a new insight study which captured the voices of 1,000 young people from lower-income households.

This new research amplifies the voices of 1,000 young people and shares key data about their worries and concerns, their priorities, their role models and inspirations as well as how they spend their spare time and their sporting habits. 

Within the research, it was identified that 35% of young people worry about their mental health, with many others mentioning feeling lonely or isolated.

Meanwhile, 41% have felt discriminated against when doing sport in the past.

35% of young people said the cost of living had negatively affected how much they take part in sport and physical activities.

And 40% of young people said that their top concern was ‘mine and my family’s finances’ and the cost of living

The research has also been used to create seven youth segments, which help to better understand the motivations, barriers, and associated emotions that young people experience in relation to sport – from those who play sport to release stress, to those who would love to do more but anxiety and self-confidence holds them back.

How to hear more….

If you would like to hear more about the research findings join StreetGames for one of two webinars they are hosting on the 12th October 2.00-3.30pm or 19th October 2.00-3.30pm and/or download information on the research findings & 7 youth segments here.

StreetGames are dedicated to making sure that young people’s voices are not only heard but also acted upon.

Find the full summary report here, and the full StreetGames press release here!

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