The Welsh language in sport

It was a pleasure to welcome so many partners to a seminar on the Welsh language in sport on the 24th June. The aim was to discuss the advantages of developing your Welsh language provision, the expectations that are on partners that receive funding from Sport Wales and the support that is available from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Hybu Team and the Welsh Sports Association.

The session was chaired by Brian Davies, Sport Wales. We had presentations from the Hybu Team on the simple process of setting up a development plan and the opportunity to receive formal recognition for your Welsh Offer.

Ian Blackburn from Sport Wales talked about the expectations that filter down to partners that receive funding. And we had contributions from Welsh Triathlon, Welsh Gymnastics and the Welsh Sports Association on ‘quick wins’ and longer-term plans to attract more Welsh speaking members, to improve satisfaction and to work in partnership.

Several discussions with partners have already been sparked since the seminar, so get in touch with the Hybu Team, Ian Blackburn or WSA for more information and to seize the opportunities that await.

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