Welsh Cycling club Clwb Beicio Egni Eryri encouraging women on bikes thanks to Allianz Sports Fund

Welsh Cycling club Clwb Beicio Egni Eryri encouraging women on bikes thanks to Allianz Sports Fund

North Wales-based Welsh Cycling club Clwb Beicio Egni Eryri are doing their upmost to encourage female participation in the sport courtesy of funding from the Allianz Sports Fund, facilitated by the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) alongside our partner and Allianz broker partner Watkin Davies.

The WSA is thrilled to be able to collaborate with partners to promote investment into our sector, and is delighted to see the success of these efforts.

The funding has allowed the birth of Roadeeze, a new initiative dedicated to fostering the talents of ladies and girls in road cycling and racing, hosted at Trac Môn by Clwb Beicio Egni Eryri’s Sarah Murray.

Roadeeze aims to provide a supportive and dynamic environment for riders of all levels.

A Summer of Skill-Building and Fun Racing

Over the summer, Roadeeze will offer a series of coaching sessions designed to enhance key road cycling skills such as group riding and cornering, as well as developing race tradecraft. These sessions are perfect for those new to riding on a closed circuit or considering participating in a race for the first time.

The programme will culminate in a fun race night on August 13th, where participants can experience the thrill of racing in a relaxed and informal setting.

How Roadeeze Came to Be

The journey of Roadeeze began with Sarah, a passionate cyclist who moved to North Wales and became a Breeze Champion, an experience she describes as fabulous and positive. She led female rides and soon qualified as a cycling coach to offer more in-depth support.

With limited opportunities for women to engage in road racing in the area, Sarah realised the need for local initiatives that cater specifically to female cyclists. She wanted to create a series of sessions for those interested in learning and improving skills, as well as provide the chance to take part in a race.

A Dynamic and Inclusive Programme

Roadeeze aims to provide comprehensive coaching to build confidence in road cycling, particularly in group settings. The programme will equip participants with race tradecraft skills, empowering them to confidently participate in races if they choose to do so. The finale of the summer programme, a female-only race night, offers a unique opportunity for participants to pin on a number and experience the excitement of racing.

Continued Support and Opportunities

Sarah continues to organise Breeze rides and coaching sessions, along with many other Breeze Champions in North Wales. Roadeeze is an extension of her ongoing efforts to encourage more women to embrace cycling and advance their skills.

Head to the Welsh Cycling website to learn more about the project and how to get involved!

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