WSA teams up with PureCyber to bolster cyber security in sport and leisure

WSA teams up with PureCyber to bolster cyber security in sport and leisure

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) is proud to announce its strategic partnership with PureCyber to bolster cyber security and address the escalating cyber risks faced by sports and leisure organisations across Wales.

In recognition of the growing threat landscape in the digital arena, PureCyber joins forces with the WSA as our official cyber security delivery partner. The partnership will create an equal playing field for organisations of all sizes, introducing PureCyber’s expertise and trusted reputation to sports and leisure organisations, large and small, across Wales.

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, this collaboration aims to fortify the resilience of sports, stadiums, and leisure entities against potential cyber attacks through a unique scalable subscription service.

Learn more about the collaboration and find out how your organisation can get started, here.

PureCyber brings to the table unparalleled experience and sector-specific knowledge, making them the most established Welsh indigenous cyber security company in the domain of sports, stadiums, and leisure. Their comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by these organisations positions them as invaluable partners in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring operational continuity.

One of PureCyber’s standout offerings is their holistic approach to cyber security, providing a diverse array of services tailored to meet the specific needs of sport and leisure organisations. By offering a single service point, PureCyber simplifies the otherwise complex task of managing multiple vendors, thereby alleviating the resource strain often associated with cyber security management.

Furthermore, PureCyber distinguishes itself as more than just a service provider; they are trusted advisers committed to supporting organisations of all sizes and cyber maturity levels. By enhancing data protection measures and fortifying resilience against potential cyber threats, PureCyber stands by their clients every step of the way, empowering them to navigate the intricacies of cyber security with confidence.

Commenting on the partnership, WSA CEO Andrew Howard remarked:

“At the Welsh Sports Association, the safety and security of our members is paramount. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PureCyber, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, founded and based here in Wales.

“This collaboration emphasises our commitment to providing a secure environment for all our stakeholders, ensuring that our sport and leisure sector continues to thrive in a digital age. Together, we are confident that we can protect our Members from emerging cyber threats and foster a culture of security and trust.

“Welcome, PureCyber, to the Welsh Sports Association family!”

Damon Rands, CEO at PureCyber, added:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Welsh Sports Association as their official cyber security partner. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering organisations within the sports and leisure sector with robust cyber security solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Together, we aim to raise the bar for cyber resilience and foster a safer digital environment for all.”

Learn more about the partnership, and start taking advantage, here!

PureCyber is an established global security leader, providing a complete and unique range of advanced 247 managed cyber security solutions.

Delivering efficiencies and excellence, PureCyber work collaboratively with organisations to make appropriate levels of cyber security accessible, affordable and understandable regardless of size or location. PureCyber is a single service cyber solution, removing the complexity and resource intensity of managing multiple vendors and delivering a holistic view of your organisation. 

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