Brexit: Information & Guidance for Welsh Sport

The Brexit information and guidance below has been developed by Iolis Legal Services on behalf of the Welsh Sports Association. Iolis have offered advice and guidance on the impact of the UK withdrawal from the EU on the sports sector in Wales. The advice covers the following areas:

  • Movement of people / travel
  • The movement of sports equipment across borders
  • Working visa’s for non-UK nationals (admin / sports pro’s / coaches)
  • Right to work checks
  • Working visa’s for UK nationals working in the EU
  • The impact on data protection

The sport sector concerns in Wales will be mixed. A team that travels to Europe to compete will need visas, equipment will need customs documentation, and everyone will need adequate insurance cover for both travel and sport.

One of the major themes is the need to plan ahead and be organised. One cannot simply ‘get on a plane’ any more so last-minute panics are likely to occur unless organisations and clubs are organised.

Moving forward it would be advantageous to produce a range of checklists, this would be best based on actual experience of undertaking a trip under the new rules. We encourage WSA members to share these so the wider sector can benefit accordingly.

Iolis has relied upon current government advice, but like all new scenarios, a watch will need to be maintained on the advice as it is likely to change as the new requirements settle in. We will endeavour to update this page as regularly as possible.

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Movement of people

Visiting Europe from the UK to compete or train


Health Insurance


Movement of sports equipment


Using an ATA Carnet

Using a Duplicate List

Transporting equines

Driving a vehicle to the EU

Non-UK nationals working in the UK

EU citizens with settled status

Non-UK workers including EU citizens

Elite athletes and coaches working in the UK

Working in non-elite roles in sport in the UK

Right to work checks

UK Citizens working in the EU

Temporarily working in the EU

Relocating to the EU to work

Data protection changes

Moving personal data of UK residents to the EU

Moving personal data of EU residents to the UK

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