Covid-19 Online Awareness Course for the Sports and Leisure Sector

This online course has been created in partnership with The Welsh Sports Association and Right Directions to help anyone in the sport and leisure sector and ensure clubs, coaches and host facilities are following relevant government guidelines and provide a positive re-introduction to sport and leisure for all participants.
The web-based course aims to give confidence on Covid-19 matters and provides transitional information to support the return to sport and leisure across the home nations.

Covid-19 Online Awareness Course Overview:  

The course consists of three core modules:  

1.1. General Awareness 
1.2. Participant Engagement 
1.3. Cleaning and Disinfection  

And three optional bolt-on modules:  

2. Sports Clubs 
3. Sports Coaches 
4. Sports Premises and Activity Areas 

Content has been written in accordance with published home nation Government, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), World Health Organization (WHO) and National Health Services guidance.  

The course has been designed for clubs, coaches and operators of club and sports specific activity areas.  

Benefits of the Covid-19 Awareness Course: 

  • Gives clubs, coaches, and participants confidence that those involved in sport and leisure have been trained  
  • Certificated competency  
  • Very cost effective  
  • Time saving and can be completed at a time suited to each individual  

Price of the Covid-19 Awareness Course

£2 + VAT (Right Directions Clients and/or Welsh Sports Association Members) 
£4 + VAT (Non-Right Directions Clients or Non-Welsh Sports Association Members

The course cost gives you access to the three Core Covid-19 Principle modules, plus a choice of any of the three Bolt on Modules Participants are welcome to complete all three bolt on modules if that’s deemed suitable.

The course will take no longer than 1.5 hour to complete, learning resources will be provided and a personalised certificate will be issued upon completion of a multiple-choice competency assessment.

If you would like to book, please click on the book button below:

To enrol more than 20 delegates, please contact [email protected].uk. 
Once registered you will receive log-in details from [email protected] to access the course.

Please note, it will take up to 72 hours after registration for you to receive your log-in details. 

Core Modules of the Covid-19 Awareness Course

1.1 General Covid-19 Awareness

a. What Covid-19 is
b. How Covid-19 spreads
c. Who is most at risk?
d. Trusted sources of information
e. What is meant by the ‘R’ rating
f. How to prevent the spread of Covid-19
g. Responsibilities
h. The Government’s controls and plan of action
i. When to self-isolate
j. How to report symptoms

1.2 Participant Engagement
a. What is meant by participant engagement
b. How participants might be feeling
c. Bubbles and extended households
d. How to make a good first impression
e. Why people may not follow the rules
f. How to deal with people who don’t follow the rules
g. The importance of signage
h. How to deal with coughing and/or sneezing participants
i. Why it is important to adhere to the guidance

1.3. Cleaning and Disinfection

a. Cleaning and disinfection considerations
b. High contact points
c. A brief overview of the COSHH regulations 2002
d. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face masks, how to safely remove PPE  
e. How to dispose of possible Covid-19 contaminated waste.

Bolt on Modules of the Covid-19 Awareness Course

2. Sports Clubs

a. What is a Covid-19 officer
b. Risk Assessments
c. Risk Assessment considerations
d. Sports specific examples
e. Use of Facilities
f. Where to find more information

3. Coaches

a. Points to consider before you resume coaching
b. Points to consider during coaching
c. Equipment considerations
d. Space considerations
e. Activity considerations
f. Use of facilities
g. Online group coaching sessions
h. One-on-one online coaching sessions
i. Training programmes and schedules

4. Premises and Activity Areas

a. Risk Assessments
b. Risk Assessment considerations
c. Communication with clubs and coaches

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