How WSA can support following Welsh Government single-use plastics ban 

How WSA can support following Welsh Government single-use plastics ban 

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) can support member organisations following the implementation of Welsh Government’s single-use plastics ban on 30 October. 

The purpose of the new law is to reduce the flow of plastic pollution into our environment by prohibiting the supply of certain single-use plastic products, explained a Welsh Government press release

With 87% of people supporting the ban, the following items will now be prohibited from being sold across Wales: 

  • Single-use plastic plates 
  • Single-use plastic cutlery 
  • Single-use plastic drinks stirrers   
  • Cups made of expanded or foamed extruded polystyrene 
  • Takeaway food containers made of expanded or foamed extruded polystyrene 
  • Single-use plastic balloon sticks 
  • Single-use plastic-stemmed cotton buds 
  • Single-use plastic drinking straws (exemptions for those who need them to eat and drink safely and independently) 

Wales’ Climate Change Minister, Julie James, commented: 

“This is the first step in phasing out the need for unnecessary single-use plastic being used and sold in Wales. 

“We’re committed to eradicating single-use plastic and our next phase will see the banning of plastic single-use carrier bags, polystyrene lids for cups and food containers and products made of oxo-degradable plastic, which will come into force before the end of the Senedd term. 

“Many businesses across Wales have already adopted the change prior to the ban by switching to reusable products or swapping out their plastic for cardboard or paper alternatives where reusables aren’t suitable. 

“We’re also looking at plastic based wet wipes which can block drains, contribute to flooding and add microplastic fibres to our environment. 

“If we all take a ‘Team Wales’ approach and look to reuse, recycle and repair more, it’ll help create a greener future for generations to come.” 

How can the WSA support members following the single-use plastics ban? 

It is now pivotal for organisations to procure eco-friendly products to comply with the new legislation as well as to contribute to a greener and more sustainable sport and leisure sector, and wider society. 

Organisations can contribute positively to the environment through: 

  • Reduced Waste: By opting for reusable or recyclable products, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. 
  • A lower Carbon Footprint: By using sustainable materials, organisations can minimise the carbon emissions associated with the production and disposal of traditional products. 

The WSA, with partners 2buy2 can support organisations in doing this. 2buy2 power the WSA Procurement Portal for Sport and Leisure, through which there are a range of essential product categories which provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. The Portal also allows members to make economies of scale through the power of collective purchasing.   

Members can start taking advantage of the abundant opportunities on the WSA Procurement Portal now!  

To purchase eco-friendly products for your organisation, log into the Portal and utilise the office supplies framework to have the opportunity to work with Lyreco, Office Depot, Thomas Stoner and Banner Group! 

Access the WSA Procurement Portal here! 

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