Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Grant Poiner is Chief Operating Officer at Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales, and has revealed to the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) how membership has aided his organisation.

We joined WSA through hearing about the great work from another organisation that we work with. We were already aware of WSA through undertaking DBS checks with their service but we were impressed by other things on offer.

We have utilised the DBS checking service from WSA for some time but we decided to join WSA as members to learn more about other services such as the partner offers providing things like insurance discounts and management information services, which can really support our work.

As an Organisation we have really benefited from the support of WSA during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were struggling to find out when our Youth Clubs could re-open and we found the network and meetings organised by WSA was invaluable.

As a result of WSA’s support we have been able to operate safely during the past couple of years and meet with like-minded organisations.

The staff at WSA are very supportive and are always on hand to aid us when required; I’d most definitely recommend the WSA!

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