Weightlifting Wales WSA Membership Testimonial

Simon Roach is Sport Manager at Weightlifting Wales and, speaking to the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), has revealed how membership has hugely supported his organisation over the years.

Simon Roach, Sport Manager at Weightlifting Wales

Weightlifting Wales has developed greatly over previous years and the Welsh Sports Association has played an important role in the organisation’s advancement.  

We’ve been really fortunate to have been able to access experienced consultants to help in lots of different areas of our work. 

Simon went on to detail how the WSA has aided Weightlifting Wales specifically:

We’ve had support in staff recruitment and diversity which has particularly helped the progression and proactivity of the board, which in turn has allowed all areas of the organisation to grow and develop. We’ve also been helped in reviewing and drafting policy documentation with the templates available, to make it more up-to-date and more in line with the governing body. 

WSA has also aided in developing staff and director knowledge of protocols surrounding AGM, provisions for training courses (our Chair is currently on a leadership course which was through the WSA), and subsidies for legal support. 

Obviously, the support and business continuity aid throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic has been absolutely invaluable – even when reaching out to WSA staff (who themselves have had to go back and forth with Welsh Government in order to support us as members), the response has always been super quick, understanding and helpful. 

Weightlifting Wales has also taken advantage of the WSA’s popular DBS checking service:

It’s helped our members in being able to set up the necessary licenses (for which enhanced DBS checks are, of course, obligatory) quickly. What we used before was a paper version, which would take up a lot of time and resources. But, now using the WSA and its trading arm Vibrant Nation to perform these DBS checks, we’ve got a quick and easy process that’s totally uncomplicated and easy to set up. 

Simon concluded by revealing whether he’d recommend the WSA to other organisation within the sector:

Through membership, we have access to really knowledgeable consultants who have been put in place to do a specific job. I’d highly recommend the WSA to any prospective members because it’s a professional, helpful and efficient body that has really helped our own organisation to develop. 

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