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The WSA work hard to ensure that we offer the services our members’ clubs need – so that they too can become stronger and more resilient.

In recognition of their founder member status, Welsh Governing Bodies of Sport are permitted to share their member benefits, with their own non-for-profit member clubs. For the purpose of WSA membership, a National Governing Body of sport is defined as the organisation that governs through the common consent of its sport; and is recognised by the UK Sports Councils.

If you are a not-for-profit member club and your NGB is a Full member of the WSA, then you are welcome to take advantage of the member benefits as detailed below.

  • Access to Business Continuity webinar recordings
  • Covid-19 Advocacy Support & Training
  • Access to Monthly Political Monitoring
  • Access to Campaign Advice & Resource pages
  • Free Helplines & Advice – e.g. Financial, HR, Legal, Commercial, GDPR, Tax
  • Safeguarding Support & Training
  • Discounted Team Manager Training (TM1, TM2 & TM3)
  • Discounted Legal Structures for Sports Clubs training
  • Discounted Introduction to Sports Governance training
  • Discounted GDPR for Sport & Leisure training
  • Discounted Political Training
  • Discounted Online Bilingual DBS services
  • Discounted insurance & bespoke coaches insurance
  • Discounted First Aid Training & Event cover
  • Secure Live Streaming solution
  • Digital Support & Advice – free digital audits
  • Online Membership management solution
  • Discounted Rental rates & Car Club vehicles
  • Travel Support & Portal – domestic & abroad
  • Governance advice & guidance
  • Free online resources & templates
  • Funding & Grant Advice
  • Fundraising support via Local Giving
  • Free access to WSA Procurement service
  • Media & Events support
  • Pro Bono Executive Recruitment service
  • Welsh Language support & translation
  • Wellbeing Support Plans
  • Discounted Governance & Risk Platform
  • Telecommunications – mobile contract kick backs for clubs
  • Support with progressing the development & management of sports facilities.
  • Promote National Events via the WSA website

Information on all of these services can be found on this website (Services). If you require any help accessing these benefits or want any further information please get in touch the WSA team.

If you want a service and you’re not sure it’s something we offer, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Even if it is not something we offer at the moment, it may help us to shape our member benefits in the future.

In order to gain access to the full range of services on offer – you will need to log-in to the website. Your NGB should already have a unique Username and Password created specifically for their affiliated clubs. If your NGB cannot provide these, please contact the team for assistance. Note that for security reasons we may require confirmation from your NGB that you are authorised to receive these details. 

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